building our house: exterior part #2

It's about time for a house update, wouldn't you say? :D

Here's what the house looked like when I shared last time- we were a couple of weeks into framing here:

And then, week by week, a little more happened- we got windows:

And then came siding and a door- it started to look like a house here!! :D

Ahhh, getting closer:

After priming- this color change was a big moment I couldn't wait to see:

AND then!! :D After Rob painted it Benjamin Moore's Linen White:

It's starting to look like our house!!

Here's what she looked like after adding paint and a roof:

{this one might be blurry because Zane came out the door and I ran over to make sure he wouldn't fall!}
Ahhh! :D If only this house-building business were as easy as gathering the pictures, right? ;) Though at this point, I've only had to have meetings, make decisions, and pick up trash, so I've had it pretty easy. Rob on the other hand, is a different story... ;) He caulked, filled, and painted the whole thing! Now we're almost four months in, and can almost see the light at the end!

From here, for the front exterior {alone} we have to get bricks, stairs, a rail, and shutters on the windows, stain or paint on the posts and door, and get electric outlets, a door knob and porch lights.  And I thought we were almost done outside before I made that list! hahaha ;) Our bricks were delivered this week, and our septic tank was installed {it was super-sized for our family apparently!} Monday. YAY!

As for the interior, we have drywall and taping and bedding inside this week, and are waiting to hear back from the cabinet guy. It won't be long before we are in there painting like crazy people. :D

You know one thing I didn't anticipate slowing down construction? Hunting season! I forgot we live in the South where everyone leaves early on the weekends and holidays to hunt for deer. :) Rain has slowed us down quite a bit as well. But from what I hear it's harder to build in the winter altogether no matter what. 

The upside of unexpected delays has been seeing the Lord generously provide us with good deals on our kitchen and plumbing supplies! If anything had gone faster, we would have had to commit to our fixtures ahead of time and pay full price for them. 

So when I want things to hurry up, I have to remind myself that my timing is never better than God's. He has graciously provided for us exactly what we need time after time. It's incredible. He's incredible. And so kind to us. :D

We are so excited. :D