baby #6 is a... !

Oh my goodness, I couldn't wait to find out the baby's gender. You'd think after five kids we might want a surprise at delivery, but not me! :D From the moment I find out I'm pregnant I look forward to the ultrasound where I can find out who this little one will be. :D After the first trimester, I need some hope to cling to that feeling like this is really for a good cause! :) 

We had a gut instinct about this little one's gender and made a final vote on the way to the ultrasound place. Thankfully, my dad watched the kids while Rob and I excitedly headed to here:

And we spotted the results before the tech told us...

It was.....


A sweet girl! :D

We brought home a reveal cake for the kids to slice. They all cheered- especially the girls. ;) We are thrilled to have some pink coming our way again this summer. :D

Zane has no clue of course, but he seems happy most of the time anyway. :) 

Since we found out, I've already had fun picking out a few girl outfits. Girls are always fun to dress up. :D And far as labor goes in July, I'm holding on to the thought that maybe since this baby is a girl, she won't weigh 10 lbs. ;) Now that would be nice! :P hehehe.

Hooray for baby girl #3! We girls are no longer outnumbered! ;)