10 on 10 {life lately}

I saw this idea on another blog/instagram this morning and for the life of me I can't remember which one it was or find it- but I guess that's what happens when you have pregnancy insomnia and then take a morning nap. ;) It's March 10, so I wanted to share 10 {random} things today!

1//   We moved in our house!!

We had to be out of our cabin by the end of the month, which meant we moved in without a sink, oven, trim, doorknobs, and lots of other things, but WE MOVED in!!! And it feels so good.

After we moved out and cleaned the cabin {with help on both sides of that}, I felt like this heavy weight lifted off my shoulders that has been there since we started getting our house ready last spring! No more deadlines to move 7 people! Hallelujah! :DD I am so thankful to be done with that!

2//   The weather here in Texas has been insane.

No surprise, of course, but we went from nearly 80 degrees and this:

to this:

Zane's first snow experience!
To rain for DAYS and flash flood warnings last night. It's been all over the place. I'm hoping all this rain keeps our summer green and beautiful like it did last year! :)

3//  Unlike the weather, Valentine's Day was surprising. :D

While the man was working crazy hours, he got up early on V-day and left flowers waiting for me and candy with stuffed roses for the girls. :)  It made my day!

4//   My kids had their first wedding. :)

While daddy was away working and it was cold, the kids found lots of things to keep themselves busy. They orchestrated their first big wedding- complete with wedding attire! Noah was the groom/singer, and Ava was the bride:

Zane was the token umm... underdressed person. ;) 

5//    We've spent countless hours at Lowe's {I think I may have declared after 2 long trips in 1 day I would NEVER go back there, and then went back the very next morning...}, but no matter if it's Walmart, Sam's, Target, or Lowe's, I have some serious decision-making impairment when it comes to picking out these:

I can pick between dozens of milks, meats, canned goods, clothing, etc., but trash bags GET me. Why are they all so different in price/quantity/size? ahhh.

6//   One week in our new house and we already had a major accident:

Ava drove her Ezy roller under a trailer and lacerated her shin. We were so, so thankful for many things- #1 she hardly cried {she normally is very dramatic}, #2 the urgent care place took her at the last minute before they closed, #3 we had a great doctor who spent hours caring for her after they closed {!}, and #4 for antibiotics and medicine being so readily available to prevent infection. What a world we live in my friends. It's a great time and place to be alive in history. :D

7//  The kids are LOVING the new place. 

I find them playing games all over the house. :D

8//    If you're looking for me, however, you can often find me right here in my new favorite spot of all time:

9//    And I'll usually be holding this guy. He's been clinging to me pretty constantly since we moved. {Teething?} And I know he's mine because he loves seaweed... :)

10//   This is building a house with little kids, in a nutshell:

He's such a good daddy/plumber/trim carpenter/painter/best friend. :D

P.S. We have TWO working toilets!! I can't even tell you how thrilled I am about that!! 

What are some random things happening at your house lately? :D

Do you have something like trash bags that kills you at the store? :P