first nursery purchase + goals & meals this week

I made my first girl-nursery purchase this weekend! :) I loved these 50% off prints from Hobby Lobby/Lindsey Letters:

The white one will go in the nursery and the black one is currently hanging in the dining room. :D It's hard to believe April is almost here! I know time will slow down in June, but I'm kind of amazed at how fast this pregnancy is flying by at this point! I pretty much have a million things to do before July. :D I need to get on it!

Here's my d/r/l/b goal and menu list for this week:

// do //
move sofa + entertainment center to house from storage
wash 1 load of clothes each day
teach/attend fitness classes 5x
download music/upload pics to free up phone space
follow a simple morning routine 
go on long evening walk with the fam

// read //

Bible/devo daily
Experiencing the Presence of God by Tozer x 3 chapters

// learn //

3 more verses of Psalm 139 with the kids

// be //

I've been through a heavy patch of baby-growing lately so I've been extra tired! Every time I take a nap I sleep so deeply I don't want to get up! :) I'm sticking with naps as needed, but I'd like to focus on getting the rest of our house stuff organized, like going through our winter items and making chore lists. I'm starting with a goal list- that's somewhere, right? ha! :)

// dinners //

beans and rice 
easy chicken tacos with leftover beans and rice
spaghetti + marinara
eggs, turkey bacon + tater tots {aka breakfast for dinner}
chicken avocado rice {cooks in one big pot: boil chicken, add broth, + rice with salt + parsley, garnish with toppings}
dinner out

What are your goals for this week?

Any creative food ideas that involve chicken, beans and rice?? :)
After our last Sam's trip I'm almost afraid to go shopping! :P We're eating from the pantry until it's gone! :P