happy almost spring days {life lately}

Our weeks have been full since... I don't remember when? ha! It seems like every season brings a new challenge in a way. :) I had never homeschooled 4 kids with a toddler before last fall, and then all the other changes in the past few months... temporary house, new house work, constant projects, pregnancy... with it all I'm really trying to find what and where is the best use of my time. It won't be long before I have a cute new little challenge in the mix! ;) {Less than 4 months to go now! Crazy, right?}

It's weird, but seeing signs of life and spring and having a place to put things in order again has given me so much relief. :D I'm starting to finally relax and enjoy life again and it's wonderful. :)

And speaking of life, somehow, through two moves and a winter, my little orchid survived and bloomed again!

I have no idea how it bloomed {I've killed every orchid I've owned in the past}, but I'm honestly hoping and praying the Lord will do the same for me in this new season.  I'm ready to feel life and joy and the sun again. :) And praise the Lord, I think it's starting to come back! 

On Friday night, I had a little getaway dinner with two of my men:

And thanks to the hubs, as of this weekend I have a place to hang our clothes now!! {I really could go crazy with smileys here too, but I'll spare you...hehehe}

And, another big praise- I now officially have a place to put away all of our groceries!! :D We stocked up at Sam's last week:

Couponers everywhere are cringing at the sight of our total {don't worry, I was too!}:

We did have two carts, but they weren't full. Buying in bulk takes a big hit when you need to stock up on nearly everything. Thankfully I think that's only the second time a grocery trip was that high. We did add shirts, wipes, and cleaning supplies to our regular grocery list so it wasn't all food. ;) I also buy more dairy and protein {like yogurt and chicken} for myself when I'm pregnant so I'm sure that helped too! I'm hoping to avoid Sam's for at least 2-3 weeks now!

After that bill, it was a good thing the latest MacBook OS update was free... ;) I love it so far {and it fixed a wi-fi bug the last update brought ;)}

I might be going overboard on all the good news, but we have a working bathroom sink and counter downstairs!!! :D We had our counters installed last week, and then Rob added the sink and faucet, and a doorknob! We {I} take so many things for granted, but washing your hands in the same room as the toilet with a door that shuts really is priceless. What a blessing! :D

Possibly as exciting as the bathroom sink situation was the day the sun came out and we opened all the windows to enjoy the perfect weather:

I am still smiling!!

For real. :)

It's been such a happy week here!

How has your week been? What's made you smile lately? :DDD

What was your biggest grocery bill you can remember? 
I once watched an episode of the Duggar's where their grocery store bill was around $1k- I feel like we're not too far behind and we only have 5.5 kids! :D My kiddos can EAT. Luckily, they love beans and rice! ;) We normally spend somewhere between $175-$250 every 1-2 weeks for groceries.