weekend happenings {in pics} + my favorite IKEA finds

Oh my goodness, I'm loving how things are finally settling down a bit around here! :D With all the new house arrangements, I put in a request for a trip to Dallas to use some of my Christmas gift cards. :D Rob made the plans and my dad was kind to watch the older kids so we could make a day out of it. :D

Our first stop was the ever-healthy Panda Express for lunch. I loved this place the last time we went to Kauai. I ordered the same thing I order every time {of course, right? predictable is my middle name :P}: steamed rice and spring rolls. :D {I had some of that irresistible sweet and sour chicken too. ;)}

Our next stop was a packed but necessary trip to IKEA:

We scored a new ottoman cover, my favorite makeup bag replacement {$5!}, and these candlesticks along with a couple of other items:

Outside of tax-free weekend, I've never seen such crowds- I think most of the DFW area picked the same rainy day to go out! ;) There were no parking spaces at the mall at all, so Rob dropped me off to shop:

Maybe it was so crowded because it was Anthro day! ;) {I didn't even know it, ha!}

The mall store was filled with people waiting in line, so I skipped back to the car without buying anything in record time. Rob had just found a spot and nodded off with the baby. :P

We drove to another store since I still had a gift card to use, and had a little more luck there. 

Here's a little sneak peek of what I bought {thanks, Mom!}: 

 Plates for the wall, and a new little pot for my orchid:

Overall, I didn't end up finding much that we needed or wanted, but we did find all the kids a little present for all their hard work with the move and new house. :) The girls got a pretty breakfast bowl set from HomeGoods, and the boys got a new pillow from IKEA. I stopped into Gap Outlet to find a sweater {no luck there either}, and couldn't resist picking up a few things for our itty bitty girl on clearance:

Gap baby clothes are so stinking soft and sweet. {swoon} :D Forget about clothes for me- I'm dressing up the baby! haha! :)

Even with driving in the rain and crowds, I'd say we both had a great time just not working. :P It's so good to feel life is getting back to normal! :)

What's your favorite place to find cute baby clothes on clearance?

Maybe-slightly-weird question: have you ever tried a hanging bed like the one pictured above? Does it give you motion sickness? I've always wondered!

Asian fast food- yes or no?
I never had any kind of Asian food at all until I was in late high school, and then after I tried it, I was hooked! :) Sugar + carbs + protein? um, yes!