baby #6: pregnancy update {27 weeks}

I can't believe I'm hitting the 3rd trimester already! :) Maybe a good time to share a baby update, right? hahaha! I blame homeschooling. And moving. :)

How far along? 
27 weeks, 2 days

Gender: Girl, due in July

Total weight gain/loss: 

For the first time ever in a pregnancy, I have no clue {and really love it that way}! :) I haven't weighed myself since before Zane was born, and though I was tempted a few times postpartum, I resisted the urge. So I truly have no idea how much I've gained. :D It is so freeing!! 

Maternity clothes? 

None so far, other than a maternity tank under my regular shirts to cover any gaps. :) I wouldn't be against the idea if I could find some that fit me correctly {sadly even the maternity tank doesn't fit well}. I'm going to pull out some of my bigger clothes from storage pretty soon now that it's warm outside!

Stretch marks? 

None so far. ;) {I got enough the first round to make up for all 6 pregnancies. :P}


Good most of the time. I am needing a serious nap every day now, and sleep about 7-8 hours at night. I got my first maternity pillow for Christmas and I am just now using it and loving it. It's a little wonky on my back but it makes my lying hip pain go away. 


Tired {always right?} and have had more anxiety than my normal self, but I feel like those feelings have been hanging around since I got pregnant with Zane in 2012. ;) Pregnant--> nursing and postpartum ---> pregnant and nursing ---> pregnant-----> nursing and postpartum = hormone fest. :)


This baby is feisty! :) I feel her jumping around and moving my belly. Every morning, she exercises and wakes me up! Little kickboxer she is.

Food cravings:

Lemonade from Chick-fil-a. I was thirsty for it the other day, and Rob ran in to get me an entire gallon of it! :D I found out later it's quite pricey, but it's so good!

Anything making you queasy or sick:
I've had a general aversion to all food lately. I have a few weeks here and there where nothing sounds good at all and I feel kind of sick and hungry at the same time. 

Labor Signs: 

Braxton Hicks are much more common these days. They're not painful, but I always forget what it feels like until it happens for the first time in a pregnancy. I'd like to imagine they are what labor would have felt like before the curse. :)

Belly Button in or out? 

Out already! After six babies it's a pro.


Hitting the 3rd trimester- we're getting closer! Less than 3 months to go now! :D

Still feels great- I am definitely noticing the belly protrusion/diastasis/round ligament weirdness, and if I do, I take it easy. I feel like my abs were still a bit stretched from the last pregnancy so I'm trying to be more cautious with planks and pushups this time around since things didn't have time to get back to normal. :)

Birth plans:
Going for a home birth #2 this time. I loved our last one, though I still wish midwives had some kind of pain killer they could dispense if I get desperate. ;) Ugh, labor. I always dread it. 

We've been so busy I haven't really thought much about the fact that we have a new little person coming to live with us in the next few months! I feel unprepared at the moment, but I keep reassuring myself that she really doesn't need all that much. ;) 

Anyone else due in July/ this summer? :D

Food ideas for when I you don't like the sound of food? I'm willing to try anything! :)