awesome deals {not found at a garage sale}, my favorite paint colors + a new recipe to try

Last weekend I hit up my first garage sales of the year around 9:30 a.m.:

And after stopping 3-4 sales, I found absolutely nothing at any of them. Which makes me wonder- did I miss everything good or was there ever anything good at any of them? From the looks of the leftovers I'm guessing they weren't the kind of sales I was looking for. :D My favorite sales are the ones with people my age, and the ones where the people have kids slightly older than my own. :) Yes, I'll take all of your practically new kid's shoes. 

The good news of the weekend was that paint was 40% off, so we stocked up. I'm still a big fan of the blue/green family:

But this shade of yellow might be my least favorite color:

In between the rainy days, we've really been living it up outdoors. I love places where you don't have to worry about water spills {because you know they happen at least once a meal, if not more}:

My dad kept the Zane and the other kiddos for us so I could go to an ultrasound. In some kind of miracle, we got there way early {!} and had time to read and sit for a bit. :) I took advantage of my new homemaking library:

I get kind of giddy when I get new books. :D I started in with "Simply Dressed"- a book about getting ready for the day at home {though I really should have read "From Grouchy to Great" after getting out the door that morning, hahah!}:

I've been wearing my workout clothes most of the day lately. :) I don't think Rob minds them, but I do notice a difference in how I feel when I get dressed for real {maybe part of the reason I wore my favorite wedges to our ultrasound yesterday- I go so few places now! hahaha! I'll take what I can get ;)}

Which is also maybe why I'm super excited about scoring this lace + mint infinity scarf for $4 shipped this week!!

Thanks to the huge homemaking bundle sale, I scored this $20 scarf for only the shipping cost! As a freebie/bonus when you purchase the bundle {and get $1200+ in books for $29.97} you get a $20 infinity scarf for free. This is seriously my favorite bonus of the whole bundle ever. :) $29.97= 76  different ebooks, 6 e-courses, 14 printable packs + 8 bonuses. It's an awesome deal.

Some of the other bonuses I've redeemed so far:

I scored this printed book from Tyndale Rewards for free!

I also picked the fit and healthy for 4-6 people meal subscription from She Plans Dinner {3 month trial for free}:

I'm was pleasantly surprised and impressed with their recipes because very few of them used pasta or processed ingredients. Most "healthy" plans I find include lots of lower fat processed substitutions. {If you're looking to sign up, I noticed the website was a bit difficult to navigate, but once you're signed in it gets easier.}

I can't wait to try this chicken salad- I'm going to the store today and already have the yogurt waiting to be used:

And another bonus I was excited about is this Craftsy online class I signed up for on growing amazing tomatoes:

I haven't watched it yet, but I'm pretty sure I've already messed this gardening thing up considering here's what ours looks like a week in now:

I know. :(

Poor plants. They're begging me to just put them in the ground already. With all the storms we've had,   our yard is still waiting to be finished and I have to either find a place to keep a garden forever {big commitment} or find some containers to get them going in.

Now you know what I'll be doing this weekend. :D

Has it been raining like crazy where you live too?
We've already gotten like 8+ inches more than normal this year! It's been crazy!! A local house is even sliding into the lake. :(

Have you had any luck with garage sales lately?

Any good tips for growing a garden? 
My husband's grandfather had the best tomatoes ever, and he put all these special natural fertilizers in each plant hole he dug. I need to find his out secrets. :D

{p.s. if you were looking to score the ebook and bonuses, you only have until Monday night before the whole deal is gone! :D}

**disclosure: I'm an affiliate of the homemaking bundle, which means if you do buy a bundle, I receive a percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you! wohoo! Thank you for your support of this site!!  :D