grow baby grow, and this is finally happening

Spring is really here- as evidenced by the ridiculous number of spiders we've seen lately. We now officially live in the country. 

You know the only thing worse than having a big ugly spider hanging out on your bathroom ceiling? 

Suddenly not having a big ugly spider hanging out on your ceiling.{!} I grew up in the country, but I'm still a weenie when it comes to bugs. I will find you, and I will kill you, ugly spider. And you can bet I won't use the bathroom until I do. 

We had a super laid back Easter weekend. For the first time in their lives, they got to dye eggs! :D

It was raining on Sunday so they hid these babies in the house and took turns looking for them. :D

Zane ate his boiled eggs instead of hunting. :D

I've been attributing my recent desire for large amounts of white carbs to the baby growing, but the truth is I can never resist homemade bread no matter what state I'm in. :D

So bad, but so good. :) 

I use this bread machine recipe, let the bread knead and rise for 1.5 hours, take it out for the second rise and then bake in the oven like normal. It's heavenly.

We've had some lovely spring days. The kids have been playing outside every free moment. Bread + sunshine = happiness. 

And big praise: the good weather has finally made it possible to have this work finished on our house:

It's funny what you anticipate when you're building a house. Bricked front porch? Wohoooo yes!!!

I can't wait to show you the {nearly} finished outcome soon! :D

How has your week been so far? :)

Spider on the ceiling: are you the person who finds something and kills it right away, or the one who lets it live there until it comes down closer where it can't fall on you when you miss it? 
I'm the latter. ;)