oh costco.

Oh Costco.

I love you, but somehow you cost tons of money. :D

Except in your cafe, that is. :)

It had been quite some time since our last trip, and this time I have a pantry!! :) so I stocked up on some of my favorites:

organic applesauce, wild pink salmon, green chilies, natural peanut butter, snap pea crisps, larabars, edamame noodles, organic long grain brown rice, bare apple chips, raw honey
Can you believe I've never tried raw honey until now? It was so different from the regular honey- it's cleaner, if that makes sense- way less sticky and syrupy, and has more flavor than what we normally buy! I am completely sold on raw honey now.

I have never tried that edamame spaghetti before but I can't wait to give it a shot. We love edamame in the pods. And the organic pomegranate/cherry/blueberry jelly is a new favorite too. :D 

I was so sad Costco was out of my dried figs, but these Medjool dates are close:

We fed the kids at Costco but we nabbed this amazingness on the way out of town for ourselves. :) 

In-N-Out wins the best hamburger in my book. :) It's a good thing it's far away or I'd have a new craving on my hands! :D

In-N-Out- yes or no? 
I'd only tried it one time before and wasn't sold until this time!! Maybe pregnancy makes everything taste better. Hold the special sauce, and give me all the mustard and onions! :D

Ever tried raw honey? 

Have you ever had recurring pregnancy cravings?
This time around not so much- but my first pregnancy I couldn't get enough sausage and green olive pizza. That had "boy" written all over it, didn't it? :)