thrifty find: colorful book set for kids

Last week I made a stop at our local bi-annual children's consignment sale and snapped up these vintage beauties:

Since they were sealed together I couldn't flip through them, but their vibrant color was enough to make me purchase the entire set for $15! :) It is missing book 4, but when I got home, I looked up the set online and found it was really well reviewed and listed on Amazon for $75!*

Most of the stories are old classics with some pictures. Our favorite book so far is "Things to Make and Do"- it's full of activities that don't need much more than basic craft supplies to complete. :D Here is just a couple of pages of the table of contents:

For just $1.67 a book, we were pretty thrilled to find such a treasure! :D Now I just need to find a pretty place to display these lovelies. :D

You never know what you'll find, but sometimes thrifting is just the best. :D

What's your favorite children's book set?
When I was a little girl we had a huge set of encyclopedias, and a big set of colorful Bible story books that we looked through time and time again. And back then, if you ever had to do research for a paper, you had to actually GO to the library, look through a paper catalog and pray they had something on your topic! ha! :)

What did you do as a kid to keep busy?
We lived in the country and had a regular tv antenna {the big one you had to turn outside!} so while we did watch some tv, it was mostly limited to when cartoons came on after school. So most of the time we rode bikes, played baseball, climbed trees, read books, and sat around. :)

* Amazon affiliate book link