thrifty find: our "new" master bed + you can't win them all

You might remember in our old master bedroom we used our painted dining room doors for a headboard:

Well, when we moved last fall we decided to leave the doors so the new owner could put them back on, which meant we were left with this in the new house:

I really don't prefer bedskirts and the things they hide {spiders}, so I've been on the lookout for a new solution for quite some time. I scoured Craigslist and other sites for several weeks and found it was actually pretty tough to find a decently priced king-sized bed in our area! We even looked at new ones, and outside of a few high end ones I couldn't possibly imagine paying the prices they asked for new. 

But then... I finally found a good deal on a bed at our local consignment sale... and it was huge:

This bed is massive and solid, and almost as tall as me! I was quite happy with it for the price, especially after shopping at the furniture store. 

The funny/strange thing about thrifting is that the prices can vary considerably. Here's what I found at the sale that day- two beds, almost exactly the same, except the one on the left was in better condition:

The other difference in the two? The one on the left was $125, and the one on the right was $250!! 

Guess which one I got?

The one on the right. :( Someone beat me to the better one that was half price! But I figured hey, $250 was still half of what the beds have been selling for in our area so it was still a pretty good deal.

You know, when it comes to buying secondhand you can't win them all. :) It's just usually not quite so obvious how badly you lost... :P

Have you ever just missed a good deal like that?
Please make me feel better?... :P hahah!