ANOTHER double digiter in our house

We are entering new territory as a family with every passing year. This year is another year of all even ages, and as of this month we have our SECOND ten-age boy. 

Wasn't it like yesterday I was induced at 5 a.m. and suddenly had an 18-month-old and a newborn? 

And now my second son is in the double digits, never to return to the single digit land. :P

For his birthday, out of any dish in the whole world, he chose taco salad. :D I like how he thinks. :P

Even after 10 years, this boy surprises me on a daily basis. I have never met a kid with a bigger servant's heart than this one. If someone needs something, he is constantly the first one to hop up and run to do it. I am completely in awe of this. He loves and takes care of his siblings, and his mama and daddy too. He is dependable and tenderhearted- a truly sweet gift to his parents. 

He's also got a sense of humor much like his Papa and his Uncle Josh. :) {Oddly enough, he also has many of their physical traits too like the always closed smile and the way he stands and sits...genetics are awesome things.}

This year we tricked him with magic candles. :P hehehehe. It took him three minutes to blow those babies out and he thought it was hilarious {as did the rest of us!}.

We love this boy so much, and are blessed to be his parents. Though I really don't want him to grow up, at the same time I am so thrilled to see how he is.

Happy birthday, sweet Noah.