life lately in pics: living it up, a needed splurge, and happy to bring these back

Ahhhh.... this mama gave a big fat sigh of relief last week when school was done for the year. I celebrated by turning up the music all alone at the automatic car wash:

You know me, I like to live it up. ;)

The kids actually like their schooling so they were neither here nor there when it came to getting out for summer. I think I was the most excited of everyone. :D But of course, they don't mind sleeping in and spending the day reading and playing legos either:

And mama doesn't mind running to Target just for fun every now and then. Even in the rain. :D Happy days.

While I was there, I finally broke down and bought more forks {6 for $10! ouch}- they're a lot like socks at our house, and disappear into the abyss on a regular basis:

And as I leisurely browsed the other aisles, I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my favorite 90's accessories is coming back into style- the choker necklace:

They say never wear the trend when it comes around the second time in your life, but I just might be up for a second trip around the block with those babies. :P

Our pace has changed at home for sure- I get to do more fun cooking and easy meals just feel like summer:

I have been a little obsessed with summer food like zucchini {with cashew butter and basil!} and cold fruit for lunch:

We've had more time for cleaning too {and my pregnant/nesting-self feels so relieved}. To speed up our post-dinner cleanup, we bought two more brooms so everyone would have one. ;)


And here's 57% of the reasons why we need so many brooms:

Stinker. :P

Don't worry, we made him clean it up. ;)

I love my life. :D

What have you been up to? If you have kids, are they out of school yet?

Ever lost a brand new {bulk-sized!} box of cereal to a toddler? ;)

How many forks do you have?
We have about enough to last for a day at our house. :P Weird, but I hate the big long dinner ones so I refuse to use them. Salad forks for life. :)