five things I kinda love right now

Somewhere around 37 weeks {mid-Juneish}, I finally got my act together and started preparing for this little girl. I think I may have subconsciously known I'd have another month to go! ;) Luckily thanks to a sweet friend passing along her clothes, we were more than covered in that department and didn't have to find any girl clothes! That was a huge blessing. So we've just needed a few things to get ready for the baby, and they've been mostly house, cleaning, and food related. :) 

I may have mentioned it before, but after more than a year of not shopping I've found that I don't enjoy shopping as much as I used to because I rarely find anything I want to spend money on. :P I guess I've become way more picky about purchases lately, even if it means having unfinished decor for a really long time. I think moving twice in a year makes you realize how little stuff you need. :) Having too much really weighs you down!

But over the last few weeks of having to get out more {ha!}, I found a few random things I've been really excited about and wanted to share them with you. I always love it when other people share their favorite finds, so here are five things I kinda love right now! :)

1. Burt's Bees Lip Crayon {in Sedona Sands}.  You know you have a winner when you'll dig to the bottom of your purse to find your lip crayon. :D This stuff is like lotion for your lips, and the color is so pretty! It's worth the $9! 

2. This coral jubilee fabric. After searching high and low for really unique and affordable baby bedding that matched our wall color, I finally gave up on pre-made bedding and went with this pattern from Spoonflower to coordinate the nursery! :) {I bought a single yard for the baby's blanket and I'm in love!}

coral jubilee

3. This mini cross-body messenger bag-turned girl diaper bag. I found mine on super clearance for $34 at DSW and after looking in all the baby sections for a smaller diaper bag I was thrilled to find something that I really liked that didn't scream diaper bag, had real leather accents, and wasn't $75. Plus if all goes well, when I'm done I can resell it for most of the initial cost! :)

4. This 11x11 framed paper flower set from Target for $27- these are going above our transformed bed! :) Seriously cute, and you can't even buy the shadowbox matted frames for that. It would make a fun wedding gift too at that price!
5. Salted caramel brownie brittle. I was shopping at the health food store one whole day before I was due and all willpower officially left me when I saw these... 
Only the crispy edges of brownies? Salted caramel? Nearly 40 weeks pregnant? I've got nothing. 

What are you loving right now? :D