I'm getting old, real life with a toddler, and something new

Outside of homeschooling and getting ready for all of that, we've had an busy six weeks! Since Ivy was born, we celebrated an anniversary, two birthdays, and had family in town for two weekends. :D I spent the majority of the first three weeks in my room recovering and I loved every minute of it, so when we had the chance to go on dates it was even more fun to get out:

We had a gift card I'd been dying to use for almost a year to our local winery B&B/restaurant. I'm totally admitting I'm getting old here, but I love to be the first person there when they open the restaurant. Plus I'm hungry at ridiculously early times. :D It was so lovely:

 I had chicken with garlic mashed potatoes and vegetables- so so yum. {now I'm craving it!}

I love getting away for a few minutes, but real life with littles looks more often like this:

Lots of holding and keeping babies happy {99% of my day now}:

Lots and lots of diaper changes:

And toddlers wanting to hold their baby sister:

And toddlers trying to kill their baby sister:

And of course, there's always lots of "helping" going on:

He's the in your face kind of friendly.

With a toddler and newborn in the house I finally decided to jump in and buy essential oils to maybe help us stay healthy this fall/winter. Last year it may have been living in tight quarters with lots of stress, but we were constantly sick and I'm pretty much desperate to avoid that again.

I signed up for a YL membership when it was on sale last month and got the dewdrop diffuser and a bunch of other stuff with it:

I'm a total newbie to the whole oil thing, but I'm having so much fun figuring it out.  I asked for tips on Instagram and had so many helpful ideas of what to do with my kit. And the other day I was stretching and pulled something in my neck {I told you I'm getting old...Who does that?} and I tried Panaway on it and it felt like Icy Hot and now I'm addicted. My midwife Melena gave me Valor when I was feeling anxious about labor and I don't even get it, but smelling and rubbing it on it really did feel calming.??! I can't figure out why your sense of smell is tied to calmness but I'm completely intrigued. There is SO much I want to learn!

I really believe food and what you put in your body changes the way you feel and live, so it would make sense that there are other things in God's creation that help your body too. :)

I'd love to hear your tips on essential oils!! Tell me your favorite one and what you do with it?

What did you do on your last date?

How many diapers do you currently change a day?
I think I'm currently running at 1,004,357/ day right now.