our first day of homeschool + pics of our school room

Praise the Lord, we made it through our first day of school! :D

It was far, far better than I expected! Thank you for praying- seriously! The Lord hears. :) Our alarms went off bright and early for the first time, and after we all got dressed I made the kids come out and take a picture:

2015-2016 Elijah- 6th, Noah-5th, Bella- 3rd, Ava-1st.

I kept after it until every shred of loose paper and broken crayon was tossed or boxed up, and around 6 last night, we finally got here. 

It was a ton of work to get ready and organize the 1000x reams of paper we were sent but it feels SO much better to start fresh and ready. :)

I surprised the kids with pin boards this year, and we rearranged the room so we still need to move the map up a little. :D We decided to go full BJU Distance this year so all the kids have their own preassembled BJU curriculum and watch a video lesson for each subject.  I hope to get a chance sometime to share more about their schedule and how it works for our family, but this is our 3rd year of using it and we {still} really like it. :D

I forgot to get a good pic of my desk on the left side of the room, but here it was a couple of weeks ago:

Today it had a few more notebooks on it, and I took away the plant and lamp, but it's pretty much the same. :D

One day down, only 179 more to go. ;)

Oh, homeschooling... you're definitely not easy, and I'm not sure you're fun at all, but I do enjoy getting to spend all day with your students. They're pretty awesome. :)