our new weekly meal system + messes galore

A couple of weeks after the baby came we implemented a new meal plan system to make things easier in the kitchen and it's been working really well for us! I decided since we pretty much eat the same easy things every week, why not just eat them on the same day? :D It's simplified both meal planning and meal making altogether. And the kids love knowing what we're having for dinner. :D

Here's the weekly menu we have now:

Mondays: meat and potatoes 
Tuesdays: beans and rice {a surprising favorite around here?}
Wednesdays: taco/tostadas
Thursdays: spaghetti/ Italian + salad + bread
Fridays: pizza
Saturdays: salads or sandwiches {chef salad this week}
Sundays: oatmeal, eggs, or other breakfast foods

School starts tomorrow for us, and the kids have been dying to get back to it! {not sure where they got that gene? ;) } But I'm glad we waited a bit longer than usual to go back. The baby is six weeks old today and she's starting to get in a sleeping routine a little more and I'm finally feeling a little less overwhelmed at the idea of school now that she will sleep in the sling.

I've been slowly able to get a bit more done than I could when she was four weeks. And hey, that afternoon cup of coffee I've been indulging in certainly hasn't hurt either... :P

It took all day today, but I finally organized this mess to get ready for school:

I'm going to try to pop back in tomorrow and show you the "after" if I can! :D I'm cautiously optimistic that I might have a little more computer time since we'll be in the office all day, every day.

I can't believe we're starting our second year with four students. This year we have one in 6th, 5th, 3rd, and 1st grade, and then a toddler and a 6-week-old thrown in as a bonus. :D Wish us luck- or better yet, please pray. :P I know God can do anything! If this year goes smoothly, it will only be because of Him, I already can tell you that. :)