things I want and don't want to do this week :)

It's back to the old grind at our house. Every new school year I'm surprised at how homeschool life puts everything else on the back burner. :) I try not to get too bummed when I have to say no to lots of other things I want to do {teaching at the gym in the morning, going to Bible studies, imaginary free time at Starbucks, lunch dates, cleaning the house, fun projects, etc.}.

It's probably silly to even say this out loud, but it's hard to not do what you want to do. But truly, of all the things I want I also want to homeschool, and even though it would be around #180 on my personal desire list it has to take up #1 for most of the day if I want it to go well. :) And it's good that it does, because it should at this point in my life. I have to remind myself of that pretty often, honestly. :) As my friend Sheila would say, "there's joy in being poured out." It feels good to know I have worked hard at the end of the day, and really it's good for me {and my family} to stop putting my own desires first.

All that to say, with school now taking up the majority of the day semi-necessary things I like to have done are starting to fall through the cracks, and I'm trying to figure out where to put them in the schedule. :)  I know if I write goals down I am much more likely to use my extra/free time to get them done. So here are my goals for the next week or so:

// do //
  • finish cleaning out/organizing nursery
  • finish paint projects x3
  • family exercise 3-4x per week, personal exercise 3-4x per week
  • install 2 light fixtures {Rob}
  • catch up on laundry folding {kids}
  • clean toilets + wipe showers {kids + me}
  • sweep bedroom + master bath {me}
  • work on special project for 30 minutes
  • wash and change sheets
  • hang shelving {Rob + me}
  • make artisan bread for dinners {kids + me- they're learning how to make bread and it's AWESOME}
  • order two items I need online
  • return/ship unneeded school items ordered
  • tweak chore schedule to include things that aren't getting done :P

homemade bread + butter= irresistible

// read //
2 ebooks from the Healthy Living bundle
2 Timothy, Titus, 7 chapters of Psalms
currently re-reading Discipline, The Glad Surrender for fun

// learn //
John 1:3
Genesis 2:7
Deuteronomy 32:3-4
Ephesians 1:3-4
{These are the kids' individual verses for the week, and I'm memorizing them along with them}

// be //
disciplined- I've probably had this one on the "be" list before, but it's time again. I've been having to work myself into getting organized and just doing the next thing as Elisabeth Elliot would say. I feel like I've gone back to working full-time {school from 8-3, dinner, cleaning, chores, constantly directing children, exercising, etc.} after having the summer free, and this week I'm just focusing on staying on the schedule I've made without deviating unless necessary. I've been repeating the phrase "be disciplined" over and over again lately, and it helps me to keep doing things I don't want to do. ;) I know the Lord will provide the strength I need if I ask Him! He always does! :D

What motivates you to do hard things? Are there any helpful tips/tricks you use? :D

What are you reading lately? I'd love to know!