thrifty finds: boutique clothing at garage sale prices

You know you've hit the thrifting jackpot when you keep smiling every time you see your score. :D

I felt that way after I got this outfit at a garage sale (!!) the other day:

The girl who was hosting the sale actually owned a clothing boutique, so the top was new with tags and a name brand, and the pants were a really good brand as well- one of my favorites for how long they last too! The flowy top fits now {with an undershirt} but the jeans will have to wait a little while. :D I looked both items up and they would have cost around $250 new together.

The total for both items thrifted? 


It was one of those garage sales where you get there and can barely decide where to start shopping. :D It reminded me of the time I felt like I went shopping at an Anthro garage sale. {even stranger coincidence? They were on the same street and I posted about it 2 years ago this very week! Weird. :P}

What good deals have you scored lately? {and are they still available? LOL}