our living room in the new house + tbt to the old ones

Since we have lots of work left to do in our house and have had babies being born and such, decorating has definitely taken the back seat {and I'm talking a 15-passenger van kind of back seat}. :) 

It's just not in the budget to go all out {and probably never will or should be!} but we have made progress with what we have and a few new and new-to-us items.

I always hesitate to show things unfinished {and right now everything is} because I know it needs this or that or paint or whatever, but for now here's the incomplete, less-than-perfect version of our living room: :D

I was so excited to score two of these leather chairs for $75 each and the oh-so-ubiquitous but way fun geometric pillow is from IKEA:

And I'm not sure I ever told you about the linen sofa- it's my favorite Craigslist find. It sounds silly to think God would give us a gift of the sofa of my dreams, but He really did, and I'm still in awe. By some crazy miracle, we got this huge comfy sofa for $200 last year!!

One of my painting/fun projects a few weeks ago was this giant chalkboard, and we pulled the gray slipcover out of the storage building for a fall-ish change to the IKEA sofa:

This $8 chair and eBay pillow were from years ago but I never thought to combine them until we moved:

I'm loving the houseplant trend- I have always had a thing for plants. :D We had this big struggling plant for years that we finally threw out when we moved, and I replaced her with this one I'm hoping to keep alive:

{Rob had to work late one weekend so I spent the night cleaning under the couches and quickly taking these pictures. :) Fun times! Of course- life with kiddos means my little buddies are always close by and Legos were kicked out of the picture... :P}

We are still deciding and saving for detailed trim work, but we finally decided to mount the tv over the fireplace about 6 weeks ago and it's actually been much nicer than the big entertainment system. :D I'm liking the modern, minimalistic look right now:

I'm still continually tweaking things and trying to find just the right items for the wall, but so far I like how it's going. The bright rug really pops and makes me happy! :D

I'm okay with being a slow decorator- it definitely saves money to wait to find things used, doesn't it? And it's so nice when you can add a pop of color with a rug or a pillow. :D

It's also fun to go back and see how your style has changed, and find new ways to use your old stuff. Here's our last living room in the old house- it's still one of my favorites:

We still have everything in the picture, just in different places now. :D 

And here are the older versions of our living room from the past 5 years:

And going way, way back- here was our living room 8+ years ago where I started this blog{!}:

I get such a kick out of looking at our old pictures. :D We finally sold that leather sofa before we moved last year but we still use that $100 leather chair, the mirror and the black and white Target rug right now! :) So fun.

Do you stick with the same style or has it changed? How do you find frugal ways to make your home comfy? :D

Are you a slow decorator too?