homemaking hack: spray everything off with this

They say necessity is the mother of invention, but I think survival may trump necessity. And you know I'm in all-out survival mode these days! :D

Remember the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding where the father uses Windex for everything {including pimples? ha!}? I think I'm starting to have that kind of relationship with Dawn dish soap. :D

My favorite new hack came about only on accident! The kids clean off the counters every night, and one night they had refilled our lemon cleaning spray with dawn and water and were spraying it everywhere. It was one of those moments where I frowned initially and then realized they were actually little geniuses. :D

Now I use their little cleaning hack on a daily basis!! :D

With watered down Dawn in a spray bottle I can spray the insides of soaking dishes while they're still warm beside the sink, I can clean the sink after I do the dishes, I can wash the stove top and the microwave off like 5x better, and thanks to Rob I figured out Dawn also works amazingly on our concrete floor if you dry it with a dry towel right away! I think it cleans everything better because it cuts through the grease instead of just sanitizing it like some cleaners I've bought in the past. 

Another crazy awesome use for spray Dawn is washing toddler hands- I can cover Zane's hands one-handed without overdoing the soap! 

I'm telling you spray Dawn is my new Windex. :D 

Maybe you do this already and I'm way behind, but it was a new idea to me so I had to share! :D I keep our spray soap by the sink ready at all times now. :D

p.s. this is not in anyway motivated by any sort of sponsorship, I just think it's an awesome combo and is now a mom-necessity. :D

Okay, now you must tell me if you have any more uses for Dawn that I don't. I'm sure I could love it even more! :D I know I've probably forgotten something! :)