a little jaunt to ol' San Antone {and Magnolia Market!}

A couple of weeks ago we had the chance to go to San Antonio for a little getaway slash training weekend. :D I teach the group fitness classes BodyCombat and BodyPump, and after two intense days at a Gold's Gym I'm now allowed to teach BodyAttack, a sports-conditioning/cardio class. :D While we were there I spent most of my time in this room doing 8000 plyo lunges:

I was super sore after 2 full days, but after the training I hobbled we walked through the Alamo for a homeschool field trip:

In case you were wondering, this is how we do homeschool field trips in Texas-- guns and all:

We also had the chance to see the Riverwalk. It was the first time the kids could remember it, and the first time I realized how hard it is to have excited toddler boys on a sidewalk next to an open river... 


But Alamo, schmalamo....while we were down south we got to see a real landmark of our modern day:

The Magnolia Market in Waco was everything I hoped it would be...

and more crowded than I ever expected. :D 

I'm not a crowd person anymore, but it was fun to see it in real life. :)

It must have been a vacation for mama or something, because two days of working out and then Pottery Barn/Williams Sonoma outlet? AHHH.

Out of everything there, I spent my birthday money on French wooden spoons, sturdy measuring cups, and my new favorite cleaning tool I hope to tell you more about asap.

I guess I'm not as much of a shopper as I used to be {either that or 7 people shadowing your every step makes it a little challenging?! ha}, so when the Black Friday sales hit online I was all over it:

Cozy bed, PJ's, and baby cuddling for hours? There is no other way to shop. :)

What have you been up to lately? 

Have you been to the famous silos yet? ;)

Pottery Barn or Williams Sonoma- if you had a gift card would you rather have cooking utensils or decor?