the 2015 men's gift guide {$25 and under}

I'm SO excited about this year's manly finds. I can spend hours scouring the internet for just the right gift, and it always makes me happy to share what I find with you! Guys are THE hardest to buy gifts for, so we girls have to help each other out right? :D

Most of the best deals I find come from Amazon, especially for the little items! I tried to pick only things with free shipping that would arrive before Christmas, but always double check to make sure! {p.s. Amazon affiliate links are included in this post- thank you for supporting this blog!!}

Here are my 15 man faves for 2015:

{depending on when you need it- it could be $6.99 shipped before Christmas}. These were the #1 best seller in hand tools on all of Amazon with over 11k reviews!! :D

2/ PUT ME DOWN Decal, $1.73 for the funny guys in your life. :)
 I'm dying over this- oh my goodness I laughed! Maybe only give this to your guy/brother/dad if he has a good sense of humor! :P 

It won't replace a real set of course, but this little screwdriver is apparently great for keeping around the house or carrying in your pocket! {I'm grabbing one for my boys too!}

4/ the cutest World's Greatest Dad Parking Only 8x12 sign, $8.50 {what?!}. 
I fully intend to install this at my dad's place on the sly... :D

A must-have according to Rob. "Don't ask what it's for- he'll know," he said. You got it straight from the horse's mouth here at our house. I still don't know what it's for!

 So Rob insisted I MUST add this headlight to this year's gift guide too, and he even instructed me to quote him directly?? First the paracord, then this? The man is serious about his gifts this year. :) He said "it's the best headlight I've ever owned. It points exactly where you want it to, it's very bright, and has good battery life." 
{and there it is- possibly his first ever written review for Amazon?!}

Okay, this is one of the coolest gifts I've seen in the longest! You pay a little more than you would normally for a bar of soap because it has REAL money in it! It could be anywhere from $1-$50!! The anticipation would kill me! :) It would be great for one of those really tough-to-buy-for or minimalistic kind of guys since it's consumable.

My husband got a Amazon gift card for his birthday and he ordered this right away. He LOVES it, uses it all the time, and then tells people about it every chance he can get. :D

9-11/ This Escali 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush, $12.95 gets awesome reviews. 
We stopped at a fancy shaving store the other day for fun and the prices for sets were quite high {like almost $200 high!}- I REALLY want to get this combo for my husband this year since he shaves daily but I know he is reading this so I'm NOT honey. ;)  I imagine this would go over even better if you put in a sweet little coupon promising to give him the first shave... {:DDD}

This shaving cream was #1 on all of Amazon: 

and this was the cheapest/best reviewed razor I could find: 
Magnus Heavy Duty Double Edge Safety Razor {+ 2 free blades}, $14.95

12/ I asked my brother to tell me one of his very favorite gift/man items ever and he said he loves a good pair of leather work gloves like these Wells Lamont Premium Heavy Duty Leather Work Gloves, Leather Bound for $11.97.

He said he really likes the cinch aspect, but I also found these had excellent reviews! Carhartt Men's Grain Leather Work Glove with Safety Cuff, $16-21:

My dad purchased this Bible for himself and he raves about it. {Do you see a pattern? Apparently the men in my life only ever speak up about things they LOVE, ha!}

14/ If you have hunters in your life like I do, maybe they'll love this
The reviews were almost 5 stars because they say it really works as a good thermos!!

I love fleece vests for myself and we keep our house pretty cold in the winter so I'm thinking this might be perfect for Rob this year. Plus vests look nice with lots of shirt styles if you ask me. :)

Since it's not Christmas yet I won't tell you all of the ones I'm buying, but I will say I'm very happy with the man gift options this year! :D What's on your man list? :)