spring break 2016: refreshing all around + a sneak peek

We just took spring break last week and I have to tell you: it was divine.

We didn't go anywhere this year but we still managed to get a break from life as usual. We refreshed our souls with things like milk and chocolate chip cookies. :D

We also slept in whenever we felt like it. I found these two like this one morning:

Oh, and oh my goodness, I had GOOD French toast for the first time in my life.

I've never liked it before last week, but apparently you just need a good recipe and thick, fresh homemade bread. :D I used one of my favorite cookbooks {aff link} but here's a very similar recipe! In hindsight, it's probably a good thing I didn't know what good french toast tasted like! :D

We went shopping for church clothes for the kids {thanks, MOM!}, and in typical 2.5-year-old fashion Zane begged us for what he thought was ice cream but was really a box of sidewalk chalk{?}. For the first time I can remember, we bought something that was begged for {#bigfamilyspoiled}. But in our defense, it was actually a really, really good spring break purchase that provided hours of fun, as evidenced below:  :P

It's no lie, the older you get, the cuter little kids are. :D Irresistible cheeks and all.

Another amazing part of spring break was the camping I didn't do:

The kids camped out in the backyard for 2.5 days {until it rained}. Rob stayed with them so they wouldn't be alone, and it might be the best idea we've ever had! :D Free, easy, and HUGE bonus, I got to clean my house and it stayed clean for 24 hours!! :D They made all their own food for lunch, we grilled out for dinner, and they played all day long outside. It was a kid's dream, and the best of both worlds for the adults. While they ate pb sandwiches, I made food like this for the adults using an oven: 

Best camping trip ever.

We also tackled a fun DIY project over spring break- here's a peek:

 I'm in love. :D

How was your end of March?

Camping- yes or no? 
I think glamping is the only way to go.