this weekend and menus + goals for the new week

If a single word could sum up our weekend, it would be outside. :D Glorious, sweaty summer days are here and we're already soaked soaking them up. Long walk/runs, baseball with Papa, and house projects kept us busy these last few days. :)

Zaner's first bike ride on the big road.
my oldest is nearly AS BIG AS ME. What. 
Entertainment often comes from the contents of my purse.
p.s. letting them play with deodorant in a carpeted church wasn't as good of an idea as I thought.
I loved the weekend, but it's always fun to make plans for new week.  I'm trying to get back on the wagon for meal planning. It's been a while since I posted my goals and menus, and thankfully this week I even had an extra day to write it all down. ;) 

// dinners //
Tuesday- hamburgers + fries
Wednesday- burritos, beans + rice
Thursday- chicken enchiladas + leftover beans/rice
Friday- pizza
Saturday- Chef salad + homemade bread

Sunday– French toast

// do //
Sweep out the garage
Sort the old winter clothes and put away

Clean the nursery
Teach exercise classes
Walk with the family 3 or 4 nights 

Take the kids to the library
Get 10k-15k steps 5 days this week 
Figure out a good time to write :)
Return items to Post Office (Thred Up! I kept one and returned one- more later on that, hopefully!)
Rearrange drawers and foyer, hang 1 item
Re-sand and paint 4 frames

// read //
finish The Expulsive Power of a New Affection
Daily Bible reading (through 1 Corinthians)

// learn //
spend three hours studying for new fitness certification 
Finish practicing Psalm 139 with the kids 

// be // 
Thankful for the opportunity to grow in Christ. God has given me the opportunity to be faithful in some harder things, and I want to do it without complaining, or grumbling, but with a cheerful and thankful attitude, even in my heart of hearts, if the Lord will help me. And we're attempting potty training this week. ;)

Planking on the new project. Already a showoff. ;) Ivy girl is 10 months now!
If you can't find Zane, he's probably in his room or in front of a mirror fixing his hair with mousse or shampoo.
I'm so serious. He loves it. :D That and sneaking snacks in the pantry.