favorite eats of late

Now that the baby has started eating solids, I feel like I'm (happily!) at a point where my hormones are more balanced and I can eat everything I love again. When I'm pregnant, I'm starving but slightly nauseated and can hardly stomach veggies; when I'm nursing exclusively I'm just ravenous and want all the protein, carbs and sugar; finally, these days I feel like eating mostly salad again which is my favorite food group of all time. I have so much love for lettuce! :)

Here are a few of my favorite eats recently:

These tortillas from Sam's we had for lunch were amazing:

But this- this is my favorite, everyday mid-day meal- romaine, cucumbers, croutons, tomatoes, and chicken:

And while I am not much of a breakfast-eater, sometimes after working out really hard I crave eggs:

Okay, annnnd cupcakes too: ;)

When you don't shop anywhere but Sam's, you end up buying eight blocks of cream cheese because you need one and having to get creative with the other seven packages and your leftover baked potatoes:

My new favorite trick for salad is to buy the whole romaine heart (6 for $3ish at Sam's) and cut it up right before dinner so it isn't wilted- romaine hearts last so much longer that way. Yum:

And every now and then I use my romaine for a southwest salad with corn, black beans, and tortilla chips:

And if we go on a date, my only wish is to go anywhere they have salad with lots of lettuce and veggies. And a good Diet Dr. Pepper. :) I love Zoe's Kitchen- their Greek salad is fantastic... as are their chocolate chip cookies, Diet DP, pitas, and hummus... okay yes, everything is fabulous there. ;)

I figured my constant craving for lettuce might be strange, but Ivy, my 10-month-old loves salad too. If she sees cucumbers, tomatoes, or lettuce, she refuses to eat anything else. So I'm not worried anymore. It's totally genetic. :)

What are some of your favorite foods right now? 

Any food group you can't get enough of? :)