favorite eats: old loves + trying new things

I'm not sure if you heard about the great Blue Bell debacle we had here in the South last summer, but I'll sum it up for you: we, like the rest of Texas, couldn't buy ice cream for 8+ months. Devastating, I know.

You'll have to taste it to believe it, but there is just no store-bought ice cream worth eating other than Blue Bell. You can't ever go wrong when you pair Homemade Vanilla with warm berry crisp (from this cookbook):

One item on our summer bucket list was to make coke floats with it:

All that sugar may be offensive in one post, so here, quickly avert your eyes to something slightly healthier-- spaghetti squash with homemade meat sauce:

And this is my new favorite combo- roasted cauliflower with buffalo sauce:

I'm so about the spicy foods right now. Again, the non-pregnant, less-nursing hormones right now make me feel like myself when it comes to food. :D I'm digging all kinds of tangy hot flavors, so when I saw these babies at the store I couldn't resist trying them for $2:

They were so yum I ate them for breakfast. I'm not even joking. :D (They are long gone now but my mouth is watering thinking about it!)

And oh, what is it about salty food? When Rob and I went to IKEA last week we stopped and ate at little Greek place that had great reviews. (We're learning to fully trust Trip Advisor and Zomato- they are always right!!)

We tried spanakopita for the first time, and all I can say is WOW:

And for the first time ever I had a chicken gyro plate with tzatziki dip and salad:

I'm not sure what that meat had in it but eating it all together was delicious. I would do that all over again. I feel inspired by all the Greek recipes I just found, so it may be sooner than later! ;)

Gyros? Yes or no? 
I was a maybe before last weekend, now I'm all 100% yes. 

Sriracha? Yes or no?
I surprisingly don't like the sauce itself much, but with lime and a pretzel cracker it was so good. :D

Blue Bell? Yes or no?
Just joking... that wasn't actually a question. ;)