goals + planning crazy weeks

So last week was a bit challenging. :) We had sick kids (off and on) for 9 days, and thankfully it only hit the littles and not the bigs. Even with teaching my classes and getting out somewhat regularly, I was still feeling a little stir crazy after holding a fussy baby all day, all week long. :)

We managed to get a little done though- and by "we" I mean Rob worked on projects around the house while I sat and directed him from the sofa. :) One of our big projects included a few of these (!) (so exciting!!):

And believe it or not, (barring sickness!) it seems that the coming week might be even more crazy than the last. Luckily, our life isn't busy like this most of the time or I would probably be exhausted. :D I am attending a 3-day parent workshop for homeschooling, Friday is Ava's birthday, Rob has a big project to get done, and we're having family in for the July 4th weekend. I'm going to try not to go crazy with my expectations of what should be done, but I know with the Lord's help, what needs to be done will be possible. And of course it may or may not include what I have planned. :D

Here's my list so far:

// do //
finish projects we started last week: curtains, foyer, hardware
take children to the library
meal plan for the week, birthday, and entire guest weekend
grocery shop at Sam's
scrub guest bathrooms
mop downstairs + upstairs floors
catch up on all bedding laundry left from last week
prepare den + room for guests
reschedule guitar lessons (maybe?)
attend homeschool training conference: 3 full days
make a curriculum list (for what we need to buy at the training)
exercise + teach fitness classes (goal: 8k steps per day should be easy with this list)
clean the entire house by Friday (with kid help)
bake chocolate cake Thursday night
gather presents + prepare for birthday surprise
post a fun giveaway tomorrow :D

// read //
daily Bible reading
(going light on other reading for reasons listed above!)

// learn //
1 Peter 1:1-2 as a family

// be // 
happy- I tend to get grumpy when I have big deadlines and less sleep, but this week I would like to concentrate on being really happy as we get stuff done. :) This is the easy life, and I just need to remember that I am SO blessed to have the privilege to do all of these things this week!

And who couldn't be joyful with a beautiful Texas Monday morning like this, right? :)

What is your week looking like so far? :D