goodbye to-do lists (for now)

Our Father's Day weekend started out strong (and in manly fashion!) with this giant stuffed garlic chicken veggie pizza:

Our traditional family movie night:

And this secret message Rob had to decode to find out what the kids wanted to give him:

And then on Sunday we had so much fun surprising him with a fun Father's Day video we made...

But then to-do lists and all kinds of things get thrown out the window when you have sick little baby at home on Monday.

Zaner had the same tummy problem over the weekend, but it was random and spread out and confusing. This little lady got it full strength for the first time. Poor sweet thing doesn't know what to do with these terrible new feelings. :( 

Toddlers and crawlers require more effort than usual when they're not sick, but this summer these little people are really keeping us on our toes. :)

Soon enough though they will be medium-sized people like these:

And I'll be wondering where the time went and how I ever got anything done at all with this many little people to care for. :)