it's finally back + menus & goals this week

So we found the toaster deal at Costco, my favorite warehouse store ever. :D

We bought the executive membership a couple of years ago, and it didn't benefit us enough so they refunded us the loss toward a new year. I was ridiculously happy to get to grocery shop there for $6.47! Oh, I missed this so:

We live a good two hours away from the nearest store, so Rob told me to stock up on everything that we can't buy at Sam's Club. I had no problems with that. :D

Here's our cart after we finished (this is what $450 looks like in mostly lettuce, veggies, and carbs):

We stocked up on spinach, apple chips, figs, Larabars, unsweetened applesauce, old-fashioned oats, fat-free refried beans, and salmon.

And I earned a pretty good step count after running, IKEA and Costco in the same day (though we only went to part of IKEA to pick up a specific item so less than usual there):

I'm amazed at how long it takes to get to 15k steps in a day! I realized when I started keeping track of my movement that I don't move nearly as much or as far as I think I do. :)

I accomplished most of my goals last week, but a couple fell by the wayside so I'm repeating those again. Here are my menus and do, read, learn, and be goals for this week:

monday: dinner date (this was fun)
tuesday:  grilled chicken salad or dinner out depending on Rob's schedule :P
wednesday: crockpot cilantro chicken tacos + rice 
thursday: beans, leftover rice + homemade salsa
friday: pizza
saturday: meat + baked potatoes + veggies
sunday: leftovers or breakfast food like French toast


// do //
teach fitness classes 
get 10k+ steps 4-5 times this week
walk with the kids 2-3 times (it's getting so hot and humid here!)
work on closet project upstairs
catch up on weekend laundry + put away
look for pantry shelving
clean house for family dinner
order Father's Day gifts + remind the kids
order 2 house items we've been saving for
plant new bushes in flowerbed (mulch is done, and I found two nice bushes at the nursery)
do 1 fun summer activity with the kids: try Indian food

// read //
Keeping a Quiet Heart* by Elisabeth Elliot (3-4 chapters- I lost the book! Must find.)
Daily Bible reading (Colossians)

// learn //
spend two more hours studying for new fitness certification
study Hinduism 

// be // 
hospitable - invite our next-door neighbors over for dinner this week. I have been nervous to do this because our house isn't perfect, or completely finished, but I need to get over that fear. :) I have at least a year plus of hosting dinners to catch up on! :P

What's on your list this week?

Do you ever have a hard time being hospitable if your house isn't in the state you like it? How do you overcome that?