Ivy Elisabeth: 10 months

Our little Ivy-loo is 10 months already. That's practically a year old! I am in shock at how quickly 10 months can go by when you're not pregnant. :)

Having a big family is so surprising in so many ways. I was the teenager who even told a lady (who had 12 kids) that I didn't want kids at all because I was too selfish. Heh. I want to pat that cute 19-year-old girl on the head. She was right, but thankfully God had other plans for her life in order to make her less selfish. :D

All that to say- having more and more kiddos is one of the most incredible blessings in life. The world tells you the more kids you have the more miserable you'll be, but like most things the world says, the actual truth is quite the opposite: the more kids you have, the more blessings and the more sweetness and joy you get to experience. This little lady, number six, has stolen my heart (again):

I was in love from the moment they gave her to me, and the Lord has reminded me of how precious the BABY is, and just how much it overcomes how hard the pregnancy is. He used her to remind me of the preciousness of sweet little babies and how I have just a few short years left of being able to experience this kind of blessing. :)

We call her Ivy-Loo- loo which has nothing to do with her middle name, but has to do completely with how cute she is:

Everyone, from the oldest to the youngest loves this little munchkin:

And her daddy is no exception, of course:

She's cruising around these days- she picks up on things very quickly. I found her around the corner doing this already (!):

And she's usually our backup alarm now that she sleeps in her own bed:


This little lady just fits right in with our crew. :)

Things I want to remember about her at 10 months:

  • weighs about 19 lbs.
  • has all kinds of nicknames- Ivy-Woo, Sister, Ivy-Woomba (you can guess why), little lady
  • loves, loves, loves raw veggies and salad
  • can eat her weight in beans and rice :P
  • nurses often, but isn't crazy about it- she even went on a 1.5 day complete strike and tried to break my heart
  • loves to put things in her mouth and carry them around (hilarious, maybe she will have an offhand sense of humor? so funny)
  • grunts and picks herself up in your arms when she wants something :)
  • started standing on her own
  • can say bye and wave at the same time
  • loves to do whatever her siblings are doing
  • can ride in the jogging stroller for hours without complaint
  • sleeps through the night since 8.5 months
  • is entertained by holding books
  • makes lots of baby talk and squeals to get what she wants
  • gives big open mouth kisses :)
  • is pretty easy going
I love this stage and kind of wish I could keep her like this forever. :)