menus, goals this week + an update on some not-so-miraculous mornings

Even with a little one sick, the weekend cruised right by. On Saturday I made homemade restaurant-style salsa (so easy!) and we are still enjoying the tangy goodness:

Since we couldn't really go many places, we cleaned out and rearranged the schoolroom. It's feeling much lighter and brighter now with the new arrangement:

Thankfully, we hit the library last week, which means the kids have been reading in our free time. I try to keep our receipt but we sometimes miss a book or two even with keeping them in a central "return" location:

I was so glad to be able to teach my fitness classes last week too. One nice thing about teaching early a.m. classes is getting SO much done before the kids wake up. I may actually love the grocery store before 8 a.m. :P

Oh, and remember my newfound love of Miracle Mornings? After about three weeks of Rob and I consistently getting up really early every day, we started arguing with each other a ton more and then we finally put 2 + 2 together to realize: we were both way too tired. (this really makes me laugh... now!). 

In an effort to avoid killing each other, we decided to get up at a more normal hour, but I think we're slowly adjusting to an earlier shift of sleep and earlier rising in general. I loved the extra time and would love to get back to every day if possible. :) I figure it's probably not worth our marriage though. :P 

Here are my menus + goals this week:

monday: dinner out
tuesday:  grilled chicken + lentils
wednesday: beans, rice + homemade salsa
thursday: fish + veggies + mashed potatoes
friday: pizza
saturday: brisket + veggies + homemade bread
sunday: leftovers or breakfast


// do //
re-sand 1 frame (again! DIY projects = easier said than done)
teach fitness classes 
add more mulch to the flowerbeds (stop at nursery)
grocery shop (later in the week)
work on closet project- move clothes to other dresser
work on chore project- complete 3 items
do 1 fun summer activity with the kids: coke floats 

// read //
Keeping a Quiet Heart* by Elisabeth Elliot (3-4 chapters)
Daily Bible reading (through 1 Corinthians)

// learn //
spend three hours studying for new fitness certification (I didn't get more than 1 hr. last week!)
Finish practicing Psalm 139 with the kids (I forgot about this until today!! must do tonight!)

// be // 
evangelistic- I want to share the Gospel with more people, more often. Some days it's super easy and on the tip of my tongue and some days I find it way harder to tell people about Jesus at all. But I know I can't rely on my feelings (since the Lord has commanded us to preach the Gospel we know it's good); instead I need to ask God for opportunities to talk to people and for help to be willing to tell them the truth of the Word. Rob wants us to spend a few hours specifically looking for crowds of people or going house to house to share the Gospel this week. 

How is your June going so far?

(* =  amazon affiliate link)