my new favorite homemaking hack: the bulldozer

You may remember my great love for homemaking shortcuts.... :D Well, ever since we moved to the new house I've been trying to get a handle on keeping the floors clean. We've come to see that a bigger kitchen means more to maintain, and now we find ourselves spending 30-45 minutes cleaning up after each meal with a great deal of this time spent sweeping the floor.

But with our concrete floors, the wheels scratch and leave scuffs everywhere. It was back to sweeping again, so this time last year we bought a broom for everyone:

If only that made cleaning faster! ;) It did speed it up of course, but now each kid gets to stand around holding their own broom instead of arguing about who's supposed to sweep. :P

One day I had an idea-since our floors are smooth concrete:

Why not use a push broom??

I found this soft surface one at Lowe's- the bristles are dense enough to pick up small debris and super soft so it won't scratch:

It's called the "bulldozer" for a good reason- it works really fast and covers twice as much as a regular broom! The only downside is that we don't have a full-sized bulldozer dustpan yet (I think they might make them?). :D

Even without the matching dustpan, I'm really happy with this ginormous broom! It's one of those things that just works and makes you so happy. :D

Oh, the homemaking hacks you'll try when you have six small people living with you. :D 

How do you keep the floors clean with lots of littles?

What's a crazy homemaking hack that's been working for you?