our daily school schedule this year and THE best tip for homeschooling

We took two weeks off in May, and went back to a full day of school again last week.  I never thought I would say it, but I may actually prefer school days to summer days. What in the world? School days are so much easier and calmer! (don't worry, I can't believe it either. :P) We even decided not to do a full summer off this time around so we could have our break spread throughout the year instead.

It all started last September, when (out of sheer desperation) I made a full school day schedule. I wasn't sure it would work at all, but I'm happy to say we stuck with it and followed it all of the school year. :) The kids LOVED it. They really shocked me with just how much they relied on it every day. Here's what our weekdays look like:

The SINGLE biggest thing I learned last year that made all the difference in the world? Give them a schedule and set time limit for a particular subject and then go on even if they aren't finished. Instead of getting behind on ALL their subjects because they're stuck in Math today, they only get behind on one and they're eager to go on to the next one, leaving what's undone for homework time before dinner.

The scheduling and moving on idea (or some form of it- a true Godsend!!) came from Teri Maxwell, in Managers of their Homes. I can't even tell you how much this has changed our day! In the past, we would have deflated, tired kiddos doing school for hours longer than they needed to because they were discouraged, but moving on schedule has encouraged them to keep working diligently to not have homework! It's been wonderful.

The kids have done so, so well this year with BJU distance and a full schedule. Next year we're trying something new altogether to keep it fresh, but I'd say thanks to the Lord, sweet kiddos, and that wonderful book on scheduling, this was our best homeschooling year yet. :)