practical over perfect: magic soap

One of the areas where I'm trying to choose to be practical over perfect is home decor. I have a deep love for decorating that goes back to being a little girl with the JCPenney catalog, but if there's one thing I've noticed over the last 15 years of having my own home it's that no decor or style lasts forever.

That thing- the thing I just loved (2002: fruit patterns, sage green, and Waverly bedspreads, 2003: beige walls and ivy-topped cabinets, 2006: coffee-themed wallpaper border and reds, 2009: black cabinets and damask print, 2012: turquoise-painted everything and chevron, 2014: modern farmhouse and industrial furniture, 2016: mid-century golds and kilim rugs etc., etc., etc.) will soon be out of date and in the garage sale for a small percentage of what I paid for it. 

I don't want to live under that subtle pressure of having the newest or the prettiest thing that keeps me known for being with it. But of course I used to enjoy that feeling, so it's a battle with my flesh and my spirit to just give it up and stop caring altogether even though I don't really want it anymore. Confusing, much? I know.  I want my eyes to be above on Christ alone, even if I have to figure out decorating things like what to do with this mudroom, which counters to choose, and what to put on that empty wall. So here I am, in real life, kind of stuck in the middle of this and trying to navigate the heavenly-minded vs. earthly-minded waters.  But I'm so imperfect; so not the best at this. It feels hard to talk about it at all if I don't have it all figured out, but I'm telling you anyway.

Here is one of my latest practical over perfect revelations- our mudroom sink:

This was intended to someday be a pretty cold water fountain, but for now it's an IKEA sink that functions as both sink and warm fountain. :) It's great, and it's working for now, but the main struggle we have in every washing area is SOAP. We never have enough soap, it's all over everywhere, and the containers end up turned over and completely empty for guests. I really can't seem to buy enough to keep up with our constant soap needs. :D

But then I spotted this at Sam's Club the other day and thought...

Wait, that's a lot of soap in that refill... I could get a refillable dispenser for.. $6...NO. That's commercial- it's too embarrassing!!! NO.... but... it would work so well, no more messes all over the counter... maybe... it would be practical over perfect and I don't have to care what other people think, I have 6 kids and never have soap! Yes....I'm doing it! 

I bit the bullet, mounted those babies with their adhesive tape, and haven't looked back. :D We love these things!! Hideous and all, they work and the soap is cheap and there's a ton of it. 2600 applications per container to be exact. :)

So now you've seen something I consider kind of ugly but necessary and extremely useful in my house. I figure if I get over the "embarrassing" hump by posting things like this, this whole practical over perfect thing will get easier and easier. :D 

(And hey, I have plenty more of these to work on! :P)

What's something you consider to be practical over perfect at your house? Post it on IG or Facebook and tag me (@bhomemaking or FB @Biblical Homemaking) with #practicaloverperfect if you have one to share, I would LOVE to see it!! :D