weekend life in pics

Summer is looking a little different around here thanks to summer school, but we're still finding time to squeeze in a few fun things every now and then. :D

The older boys had fun shooting their bows in the backyard. Being the country girl I used to be, I tried to show them all how it's done and missed nearly every shot but scored plenty of forearm bruises. I guess I'm a little more city and a lot less country these days. :D

In light of that disaster, I decided to stick to shooting just the camera from now on. :D This baby crawler is tough enough to capture:

Thankfully, the older girls were a little more oblivious to the camera when cookie dough was involved:

Oh chocolate chip cookies- with a 1/4 cup more of flour and twice as many chocolate chips: irresistibly yum.

But then, tiny muscular spidermans are kinda irresistible too... :D

We had a momentous large-family occasion this weekend: we bought a 4-slice toaster!! We haven't had a toaster since we were first married (a decade ago now...ahem), and the kids never used one so we surprised them with it.

After years of heating their bread in the microwave, they were completely enamored with it. :D (it also has a defrost option- perfect for us since we eat frozen bread all the time.) I love it so far.

After debating for months on the cost vs. whether we needed one, we finally found a great deal this weekend on one at....let's just say...one of my top 10 favorite places. 

I will have to tell you more about it tomorrow! :D

Mamas- how often do you use a toaster?
Now that the kids make their own breakfast, I am more than willing to provide them with whatever tools are necessary. :)

Can you shoot a bow?
My mother-in-law and sister-in-law are killer with a bow and arrow. (pun intended!) I'm not even sure how they admitted me into the family with my skills... :P

City or country?? 
I love living in the country, but want to be near a city for groceries and dining out.