carried goals, an update + meal plans this week

I have been amazed at how quickly the days are flying by this summer. We got our schedule for Classical Conversations, and our orientations start in about two weeks!! At Rob's request we are taking the rest of the month off until school starts for Elijah on Aug. 17. (The kids are so happy about this! He's a nice dad.)

Now that the temps are so high here I've had to turn up the A/C to enjoy my afternoon cup of joe. ;) I started teaching a early morning bootcamp (5:15 a.m.) so I've been getting up at 4:30 a.m. and on those two afternoons coffee becomes my best friend. :D Even with the early hour, I love, love, love teaching bootcamp style and getting done with my workout before Rob has to work.

My other friend/workout companion is the NOW brand of iron supplement- it's very easy on your stomach:

Now that we're done potty training (!!), I feel like we got something big accomplished this summer! :) It went so well- about day 4 we were ready to give up, but we kept pressing on and he had it by day 7! I think you must have been praying for me. :D

I spent much more time potty training last week so I didn't get nearly as much done otherwise. Rob's been working on a project, and then we've been doing more people-things so these household tasks have been waiting and continue to wait to be done. :) Carrying the same things over feels difficult for my Type A-ish personality, but such is life, right? Big projects require time and patience. :) (I'm reminding myself!!)

// do //
:: household ::
finish one project we are still working on 
add cove molding to wall (Rob)
list one big item for sale online
spray porch ceiling down
wash car
bleach + clean washing machine

:: loving people + kids ::
visit nursing home again (we didn't get to go last week)
take kids to library
have extended family over if possible

:: fitness ::
write 3 new workouts 
teach + exercise 5-6 times
buy more weights

:: marriage ::
pray for Rob
go on a date (or have one at home again!)

:: blog/web/design ::
work on project 1 hour

// read //
daily Bible study
read Ephesians 2x

// learn //
1 Peter 1:1-3 
read + review 2 chapters of CPT cert book with flashcards/ web learning

// be //
I have been wrestling with anxiety and fear (for years now), and I know and praise God that He will guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus (Phil. 4:6-7). He will help me- this is my prayer and thanks! :) This lab was SO encouraging to me today. 


:: breakfasts ::
oatmeal, eggs, cereal, or toast

:: lunches ::
sandwiches, corn dogs, leftovers

:: dinners ::
roast + ramen 
dinner out
beans + rice
eggs + toast

I crossed Monday's dinner off the list because I made that pot roast for maybe the second time in our marriage last night. :D The kids and Rob were all oohing and ahhing, thanks to the Pioneer Woman's recipe and the fact that all Sam's Club had were Angus roasts. :)

Fresh herbs courtesy of my brother's green thumb (a talent which I obviously don't genetically share). :) It was delicious for sure. If the meat didn't cost $4/lb. I might make it every week! :)

What's your favorite pot roast trick? 
Searing it beforehand was new to me but it made it SO good.

Mamas, when do you start back to school? Any ideas to make the most of the last month?