feeling in the groove + goals this week

If you were in the US, I hope you were blessed by celebrating your freedom yesterday- I know I was! What a miracle it is- of all the generations of the world we are able to live freely in this time and place and be able to serve the Lord and have peace with our government! It's incredible.

curtains were one of the things we finished last week! :D
So last week was pretty much the busiest week I can remember since we moved. :) From Monday to Monday every day was filled to the brim with events and people (all great!). And amazingly, everything on my huge "do" list was done by Saturday! What?! Isn't God so kind? I am so thankful for His mercy toward me!! :D We had a great time of eating and hosting family and friends this weekend. Lots of fresh food (and chopping!) was involved:

I see my to-do list growing this week (much more self-imposed and for fun!), so I decided to try breaking it down into "do" categories for organization. I have so many new things happening right now that the sheer anticipation makes me smile (p.s. I LOVE this time of feeling back in the groove around 9-11 months postpartum. I know it won't last forever so I'm milking it for all it's worth!)

// do //
:: house ::
finish two projects we are still working on
clean up/straighten garage
add cove molding to wall (Rob)
sweep master bedroom + bath
mop the kitchen, living + dining room

:: fitness ::
find a whiteboard
plan out new workouts
exercise 5-6 times / teach classes
plan 1 month schedule + send out reminders+ invites for new bootcamp
research trainer apps

:: loving people + kids ::
go to nursing home
email 2 people back
have friends over for dinner 
invite 1 new family over
visit library

:: school ::
begin brainstorming next year’s school schedule
start working through new material to see what we can get ahead on (more on that soon, hopefully!)
start list of school supplies we will need + books we're lacking- math, Bible

:: marriage ::
go on a date
write a love email
pray for Rob daily

:: blog/web/design ::
work on print project for myself
create brochure sheet for bootcamp
work on client website/ write email

// read //
John 17 every day (our preacher asked us to this week!)
daily Bible study
Keeping a Quiet Heart (still working on this one!)

// learn //
1 Peter 1:1-2 (this fell off the planet when I left for days last week)
study 2 chapters of CPT cert book

// be //
a listener- more and more I hear the Lord whispering to me to do this, go here, talk to this person. He is showing me that He guides me every step, and that I cannot go wrong when I hear His voice and trust Him. Even the smallest of decisions we are starting to see His hand in, so I know that He is leading us all the time.

How have you seen God work in the little details in your life recently? What would you say His voice sounds like to you?
For me, it's a thought (one that's usually not like me!) which seems to come from nowhere but persists in my head and tugs in my heart. Sometimes- I kid you not :D- I think the Holy Spirit urges me to pick up around the house- and then weird surprise- it was just the right time when I needed it to be. :) Or sometimes I feel Him urging me to go back and talk to this person about the Gospel, and then I can tell they are really hearing what I'm saying and are thinking about it! An unbeliever might hear that and think I'm crazy, but I'm (slowly!) realizing God is with me in every single part of my life, and seeing it makes me want to trust Him more and more with everything I can.

Mamas, do you have a postpartum window when you suddenly get your groove back?
Strangely, mine usually coincides with the baby sleeping through the night. :)