our new plan for homeschooling next year

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we were going a different direction this year with our homeschooling- it's one we are pretty thrilled with. :)

Rather than another year of BJU Distance (which we've greatly enjoyed and worked well for us), this year we decided to join Classical Conversations instead. Classical Conversations (CC) is a homeschooling co-op/community of sorts, where the parents are the main educators and the children attend a tutoring session with other kids their age one day each week from 9-12 or 3. On the meeting day, the younger kids recite their weekly memory work and give class presentations of their own, as well as do science projects and other activities. From what we've seen of it, by the end of their year they will have learned a ton that will hopefully stay with them as they grow up.

I'm not sure I'm allowed to even say this as a home educator (it will be our little secret), but obtaining knowledge isn't our ultimate goal when it comes to education. ;) In our 18-20ish years with them, we really want to help them learn how to love and obey Jesus with all their heart, and teach them how to use their knowledge, character, and talent to bring glory to Him as adults.

A friend of mine from church attends CC already (she was the reason I found out about it in our area!), and amazingly, the director let us come and sit in class for a day. We all loved it. The mission of CC is "to know God and make Him known." Everything good-all math, science, language, history- all of creation is from Him and that is the premise underlying everything we learn. You can see how a Foundations lesson conceptually points to God here in Isabella's class:

It's a whole new world for me, but I am thrilled with the idea. I will let you know how the actual execution of it all goes in the fall. We're going all in! (pray for me! :D)

Homeschool moms out there- did I explain it well? :D
I wasn't sure if you call CC a co-op or not! :D All this terminology is so new to me. We've never even done a co-op before. :P I'm still learning it all!

Any helpful tips for a new Classical Conversations mama?
I would LOVE them!