surely it will be worth it + goals this week

This week feels so much slower than the last. :D I always like starting a week with a vacation day like the 4th, but I'm going to try to keep the energy going and use all five days to work on my goals. :)

We've been doing light to no school for the last week, so we started potty training last Thursday! As you could imagine the past few days have been consumed with all things toilet-related. :D It's been SO long since we did this- even just going places is way more complicated now. :) Remind me it will be worth it in the end?

Here are my do-read-learn-be goals this week:

// do //

:: household ::
finish one project we are still working on 
add cove molding to wall (Rob)
go grocery shopping
list one big item for sale online

:: fitness ::
write 2 new workouts 
work on bootcamp details + send out more info
teach camp/sub classes
exercise 6 times

:: loving people + kids ::
go to event
have friends over
visit nursing home again
march on with potty training
start planning November party: timeline + send out emails

:: marriage ::
pray for Rob
make him special dinner for a date

:: blog/web/design ::
write 1 email
create package

// read //
daily Bible study
listen to the book of Galatians x 2

// learn //
1 Peter 1:1-3 
review 2 chapters of CPT cert book with flashcards/ web learning

// be //
prayerful- my husband is teaching me this by example so much lately. We were both frustrated for some reason the other day, and he said you know what we need to do? I was all ears waiting for a detailed plan of action and he totally surprised me with "we need to pray right now." ahhh. It breaks down walls and barriers. The joy of the Lord is our strength, and the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom so when we try to figure it out on our own we're completely un-joyful and weak and un-wise!! It's so good to know the Lord, isn't it?

What's on your schedule this week?

Any funny or encouraging or commiserating potty training stories? I'll take anything.
Looking on the bright side: Zane's gone "long" in the potty 1.5 times now! {:x} annnnnd at least he can tell us 5-10 seconds before he goes when we're driving... (!!) Rob also spent 30 minutes in a public restroom yesterday with no results- what a good man, right? :)