going for happy machine + cranking out the to-do's

School starts tomorrow for Elijah, and I only have 7.5 more hours of orientations to go! (I need emojis on my keyboard because I have so many good feelings about that. ;)) I calculated that by Thursday night I will have tallied 35+ hours of pre-school orientations, practicums, and trainings since the last week of June! :)

I honestly had NO idea that kind of commitment was coming (even just this Sunday I didn't realize I had another whole training day this week!). I'm pretty sure no one could ever say CC didn't equip me before school started! :D

I think since I'm completely new and have so many ages involved, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the information we're getting before we actually do school. I find once I start doing the thing I understand what you're talking about so much more than I do before I try. :) But maybe I'm picking up more than I realize. Hopefully. :) I may cry before we even get to week one though. :P 

With four kiddos starting a new curriculum in every single subject this year, my to-do list this week is ever-growing, and I have to keep moving. :D I already have a few things done today, thankfully! We're almost there!! (Pray for me! ha! :P)

// do //

:: home ::
grocery shopping for the week
empty office and clean, reorganize Thursday/Friday
work on unfinished projects if time allows
make bread on weekdays (the bread machine is coming back out of necessity!)
prep salads and lunches
make lists of what we need to do

bread this morning. oh carbs, you do make me feel happy. :D 

:: school ::
order last few missing books + chart we still need
pick up school supplies we need
Start Challenge A and do IEW training 9-3
call bookstore
fill out parent paperwork for ChA (4-5 pages)
find math books
+ make sure that’s what we want before we open it!
sign up for CC Connected
get books spiral bound + charts laminated at office store (math, Latin)
go to CC orientation #4 and bring food
find and print out a school planner
finalize school schedule (home)
pack up and send back BJU rentals
plan out the first week of foundations + essentials 
start younger kids on math, Bible, reading, and spelling Monday morning

:: family ::
one last summer fun outing
dinner out
relax on Saturday afternoon

:: fitness ::
write 1 new workout
teach classes
exercise when possible

:: online projects ::
answer email
write for 1-2 hours

// read //
pages 7-14 in writing/grammar book to prepare for next week
1 John - 3 John (over and over)

// learn //
print + do community group Bible study + listen to podcast Abide week 3
work on fitness certification flashcards in free time
watch Visual Latin lesson with Elijah

// be //
a positive machine.
That's a character quality right? I tell my fitness participants "remember, you can do this- be a machine!" when they're fatiguing, because so many times you can muscle up and work so much longer than your mind wants to go if you believe your body can do it! I need to be a happy, thankful, machine that gets stuff done this week, Lord-willing. :)

I know the Lord will help me do what I need to do the most, and the rest will have to wait, right? :) In reality, none of this is a huge deal or problem. Even if I mess up, it's not going to be terrible. I get to train my children in the Lord and this is not easy, but it's not the hardest thing either!! One day I'll have to do something much harder, I'm sure of it. So this is just good practice. :)

But hey, reminders to persevere on your third coffee mug of the day never hurt. :DDD 

Life will slow down soon. It's just a busy season for now. :)

Cool, crisp, happy, slower Fall, I'm coming for you