a shopping date + off-brand YETI steals

These are the faces of two parents of six who get to go shopping almost sans kiddos: :D

Thanks to my mom being in town we only had to take this happy little munchkin along for the ride:

We've nicknamed her our stinker-loo for her recent grumpiness. The girl may be teething but I have yet to see any new teeth; just the attitude. :)

In addition to our regular groceries ($$$), we made a few unusual purchases at Sam's on our trip like these magical, wonder-working off-brand YETI cups (for $10 each!) that can actually keep ice in your cup on a hot July day in Texas:

We also finally caved and got a small accessory to go with our cups:

We keep getting notices about certain water quality infractions where they very kindly let us know to visit our doctors if we're worried. (!!) Um thank you for the info, we'll buy bottled water now.... :[]

While we were at Sam's I snagged 200 sheet protectors to go with my Walmart binder:

I have no idea what they'll be used for yet, but I can tell CC homeschoolers like binders and sheet protectors so I'm all over it. I'm going to be ready!! (#nowaybutletsbeoptimistic)

Only 18 heads of lettuce later and we were finished chopping shopping...

And then it was back to the grind, salad, planner, fake YETI and all... :) 

My hand has been sore since the first day I had it, but man I'm in love with that gigantic cup. :D

How was your week? :D
I have had so much happening over the last week I had to spare you and spread it out among different posts!! :P

YETI/thermos/stainless mug believer?
I wasn't until I saw this $10 Walmart one had better results than the $40 YETI version! But they were always sold out so I never saw them in store until Sam's. And now Sam's is sold out too! Luckily we snagged one ASAP.