isabella turning 9 means 3 things

Our summer birthday celebration streak officially came to an end on Saturday with Isabella's 9th birthday. :) Her new age officially blows my mind. It means my third child is halfway grown, which means I'm getting older (ahem), and it also means I must have been blogging for a while now, since hers was the first child's pregnancy/birth I ever blogged about. One day I'm sitting on the sofa writing about how she is about to arrive, and now here she is, holding her cinnamon roll 9. Where did the time go?

Somehow opening presents has completely moved from after dinner to the first thing in the morning at our house. I guess we must all be impatient to see the birthday person open their gifts. :)

The kids made Bella an American Doll pedal boat and adventure backpack with food, a map, and a hat:

And Ava gave her one of her own special Lego men:

She requested spaghetti for dinner and strawberry shortcake for dessert (smart girl, choosing something entirely different than her siblings). I made a pound cake with heavy whipping cream and strawberries, and mmmmm:

This girl is a special, sweet gift to our family. She works hard, helps everyone else, and knows exactly what you need before you even ask for it:

We are blessed by her spunky spirit and love for others. If only she would agree to stop getting older so we could keep her this age forever. :)

Oh Bella Rose, we are so thankful you came into our lives, and we praise the Lord for the blessing of knowing and raising you for the last 9 years. You are so precious to our entire family. :)