large family schoolroom: before and after 2016

You may think I'm being light-hearted when I say it, but I mean it: the Lord takes care of His people! By some miracle, everything on my school list is finished!! And it's only Friday! Thank you for praying for me! Seriously. :)

Here was the state of our schoolroom before I started... of course it's hard to see all the tiny scraps of paper and toys and pencil dust in every nook and cranny and crayon box, but trust me, they were there: 

A huge trash bag, thousands of pieces of paper, and four dustpans full later, and the entire room felt new again (cue a great big sigh of relief):

You know you're in for a big change when this was (some of) your curriculum last year:

And your new year looks a whole lot more like this:

Of course I felt like it was a ton of books when I had to checkout ;) but we really just have a single crate of items for three kids. It almost seems too easy- I don't have 7 score keys and boxes of paper for every subject and every student! :) 

I made a new master schedule as well as a tentative daily lesson plan, and we inserted each schedule into the cover of our notebooks to (hopefully) still keep us on task. :) Now that I have a plan in place I feel like I am far more ready to start next week:

Then again, it could just be a feeling... ;) I'll let you know how it goes! :)

p.s. here was last year's schoolroom before and after- I had to go look it up to compare! :)