an old west getaway

Maybe I'm not the only one, but I find the more kids we have the harder it is to find places for us to stay on vacation. :) We aren't exactly a small group anymore, so when I find a place that works for large families (with breakfast included!) I get really excited, and I have to share! :D

This year, by some miracle of the Lord (no joke!), this place came up in our hotel search:

It's called the Beaumont Ranch, and it may have been the very biggest place in its tiny town of Grandview, Texas. It's a working horse ranch, and the rooms are in these darling Old West buildings:

I wouldn't say it was the most inexpensive hotel, but it was perfect for a last minute weekend stay:

And we had this view all to ourselves right outside our room:

And the room itself was so much more than I even hoped for- full of pretty decorations and soft covers:

They had buffet breakfast included (ah-mazing), and every morning this sweet lady named Marilyn took care of us and made sure we left with full bellies. :D It was like a feast I didn't have to cook or clean up! 

In the daytime, we visited the goat, played on the playground, pedal boated, and explored the workout room and chapel:

But mostly we did lots of relaxing:

And going out to eat. :D Our favorite place was Pastafina's in Cleburne, about 30 minutes away- we went twice!

It felt so good to take a break from making dinner. :) The baby even let these two people sleep on the 2nd and 3rd night: :D

It was lovely, and we hope to go back again someday when the boys are older and we have lots of $$$ for the zip line and ATV tour. (I'm pretty excited about life with teenagers. So far older kids are so much fun. They get your jokes!)

Three days of quiet relaxing, and we headed home again to our regular adventure- feeding babies and cleaning out fridges:

Here or there, vacation or home- I get to be with my people and that makes me happy. :D Though I have to say, the not cooking and cleaning part was pretty fantastic for a little while. :) 

Did you get a cooking/cleaning break this summer? :D

Ever zip lined?
I want to SO bad in theory, but I'm pretty sure I'd chicken out on the podium. :D

Any large family vacation places you know and love?
I need an Evernote list for the future!