slow paces, choosing favorites, and goals this week

Our first two (easy) days of homeschooling have gone well! I'll update you when we have a full day, but I think the kids really like it so far. :)

We had our first slower weekend on Saturday and Sunday- it was wonderful to have a couple of days with nothing scheduled! I've always been a big fan of those days, but I feel like I need them now more than ever.

We had a little time to go for a walk:

 And we visited our old favorite hangout, the hardware store:

We strolled the aisles for fun, and even met new friends at the home store... it was a nice change from all the scheduled-to-the-minute life we've had lately. (and I guess I must have been busy if I actually liked going to the hardware store! :P)

After window shopping, we swung by our favorite Mexican bakery. We usually let the kids pick out anything they like, and they always seem to choose these beautiful gigantic conchas (sweet breads):

Except for Zane, he wanted a chocolate donut, and would consider nothing else. :)

Back at home, Rob worked on house projects, I worked on the computer projects I needed to finish, we had family nights, and even slept in a little (since I've been teaching early, I can't even sleep as long as I want to anymore :P).

I've decided to take it little easy on the to-do list this week since we're starting school! Here are my goals (and many will be with the help of the kids/Rob):

::  do  ::
download CC app on iPad
order math score key #2

write new workouts
exercise as possible

repair broken dresser drawer
work on 1 unfinished project
order 3 things
make bread 3-4x
go grocery shopping for Isabella's birthday
meal plan for the week
sweep and mop downstairs and upstairs
clean all bathtubs
clean out microwave
vacuum and wash car

library trip Friday
Saturday special activity for Isabella/dinner out
prep for CC day on Wednesday (pack lunches, lay out clothes)

work on 1 project
write email

::  read  ::
1 John, 2 John, + 3 John several times, a Psalm a day
EEL guide prep for Wednesday

:: learn ::
1 Peter 1, Ephesians 6 with kids
work on certification flashcards/study chapters
print and fill out Bible study

::  be  ::
After some more challenging weeks, I'm going to try to sit down more this week and just relax with nothing to do.

What's on your to-do list this week?

Ever tried a concha? (I think I'm saying that right but please tell me if I'm not!!! hahah!)
I chose a cookie but I'm pretty sure everything I've tried from the Mexican bakery needs more sugar... :P Or maybe I need to eat less sugar because I'm sure it had plenty. :D