a CC blur, messy surprises, and life lately

Oh, life. :D I'm pretty sure it's becoming more and more of a blur these days. We've had three weeks of Classical Conversations and we are still getting in the groove! :D Maybe it's because I spent so many years not going anywhere, but it feels like community day happens every other day. Every week it keeps catching me by surprise. ;)

One of my favorite things about it is that I get to see my little people throughout the day. We even eat lunch together: 

The kids all look forward to community day. They pack their lunches, set their alarms and generally amaze me by being so responsible- Isabella even makes my lunch!! (I'm not sure if this is a mom fail or a mom win? but I am thankful for it! :P)

I googled what to take to CC and couldn't find much out there, so I've been winging it with what to take with me. :P I've been taking my personal notebook, our Foundations guide (but I don't think I need it!), Teaching Writing Style and Structure, one week of Essentials of the English Language, our English Grammar trivium table, and our student history writing notebook:

And then most of our days at home look a lot like this: 

Essentials keeps us busy! Our weekly presentations on Wednesdays keep us on our toes too- it's only taken me three weeks to remember to help them pick out their topics before Tuesday afternoon. :D

By the end of the week I pretty much feel like Ava:

And while we get done by 1-2 p.m. at home, we're all ready for our daily nap:

Except for these two crazy kiddos, even by the end of the day they're still having fun making gigantic messes:

The snacking in the schoolroom is getting out of control. :P I found a surprise snack in my pencil bag:

At 37 and 14 months, those two littles might just be reaching the pinnacle of toddler terror (at least I hope so, anyway!). :D In between catching our breath from school and cleaning up messes, we found some time to spend an hour at the lumber/building store:

I hope to show you what we're making VERY soon! :D