decent muffins, a tasty surprise, + goals this week

After an unintentionally long nap yesterday I felt energized and had the urge to bake! :) These muffins were for the kids, but I'll own up to snagging a couple of bites too: :)

This was the first time in a while I can remember using only whole wheat and honey for muffins. They were decent, but they tasted quite a bit "healthier" than the white version I prefer. :D Luckily the kids didn't notice when I gave them one for dessert. :) They were happy with them because they were muffins and had a tiny sprinkle of sugar on top.

Rob and I have been trying to eat far less animal products (a.k.a. hamburgers, pizza buffets, and buttery desserts), so I'm trying to find ways to make up the calorie loss with granola-ish foods. :D This combo of oats, Trader Joe's cookie butter (non-dairy!), coconut, and cornflakes was delicious:

Sometimes being out of oatmeal and ransacking the pantry turns into a happy surprise! ;)

Even with the lighter to-do list last week, I still didn't get everything done, and I think I'm okay with that. :) We're trying to get the house 100% finished and construction messes are everywhere, so I'm trying not to worry about the little stuff when so much big stuff is happening. With a bit of cooler air coming in, it reminds me of the old days when we were remodeling our 1895 house

Here is my do-read-learn+be goal list for this week:

do //
go on a field trip! 
plan out October events
blog as possible
plan 4 workouts
sweep stairs
exercise 5-6 days
help finish projects and clean up
order house items we need
write 3 emails
organize bookshelf

read //
re-read 1 John, and read Psalm 7-14, and Isaiah 1-7

learn //
aim to listen to one sermon a day
Abide study week 6

be //
soaking in the Scriptures. I need to meditate on God's Word so that it keeps me from sin and keeps my focus on the Word- my hope, and my life- Jesus. I need Him so desperately to be my source of joy and love, and I can't do it without the Spirit He's given me, and the Word living and being my life. I was so inspired by this sermon about Jesus speaking the Old Testament all the way to the cross, and it made me want to be more like Him, the Word itself, always speaking in Scriptures! Being in the Word of God feels like your soul inhaling fresh oxygen in a smoggy, smoky, suffocating world, and I think I need to take more deep breaths. :)


// dinners //
spaghetti + marinara
chicken, mashed potatoes, + peas
dinner out
eggs + hashbrowns
fish, broccoli, and rice