life lately: a little rest, a book date, and 5 weeks in

I'm so thankful for this blog and weekly recaps because I wouldn't remember a single thing that happened last week otherwise. :D (You wouldn't believe it, but there are so many events in our life I didn't remember at all until I saw an old post!)

I had more time to rest last week, which was SO wonderful because by Saturday I think I was fighting off some kind of cold. I'm so in awe of God and how He gave us immune systems!! A little extra rest and my body has been holding sickness at bay, and though I can feel it in the background when I'm tired, it hasn't surfaced! Thank you, Lord! I had a chance to sit down alone for a few minutes after CC day:

And then the munchkins found me... :D

Cleaning up after babies and toddlers is a serious full-time business, but who could resist this face?

We had a chance to go on a date and hit up our favorite place:

I was so happy to find this book on sale! I've only skimmed it so far, and I love how it's full of Scriptures and reminders of the Gospel:

And then by 8 p.m. we were so tired we just wanted to eat at a place you didn't have to wait, so all-you-can-eat salad at Jason's Deli it was:

And after church, lunch, and a nap on Sunday, we had to run to the home store again. 

I died laughing when Ivy-loo squealed with delight at the moving Halloween goblins:

And before we knew it, another week went by and it was Monday again. :) One really cool thing about Classical Conversations is that we've covered almost 4,000 years of the world history timeline in 5 weeks! Somehow all the kids can sing and order this many events so far, and we have 19 weeks to go!

It could be the early sunset, but the days are feeling so short- before we blink I have a feeling it will be Christmas! What??! :)

How was your week?